Posted by: scottepp | January 22, 2010

Setting SMART Resolutions – Part 2 (Video Blog)

Setting SMART Resolutions – Part 2

I am excited to bring you a video of a presentation that I delivered about Setting SMART Resolutions.  This weeks post is my video column titled “Setting SMART Resolutions – Part 2.”

If you missed my first column click this link to read the details of how to “Set SMART Resolutions and Goals.”

You can have a life you desire.  You can dream the biggest dreams and achieve your aspirations.  You can live a life with more fulfillment and abundance.  The process in which you get there is a journey that will require discipline, perseverance, dedication and the right tools.  One of those tools is in learning to effectively set goals and resolutions.  I believe in the Smart Resolutions tool and I have found incredible success using it.  Sit back and enjoy the video and feel free post your comments or write me if you have any questions.

A Goal without a plan is just a wish.

May your Year be filled with Abundance and Happiness.

Scott Epp

Abundance In Life Coaching

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