Posted by: scottepp | June 12, 2011

The Value of Living with Values

The Value of Living With Values

My personal Vision board of Values

What is the value of living with values?  All of us are aware of the core principles and values that make up the human experience. Values like character and courage are at the core of being a good human being, and the essence of leading a respectable life.

We know these values. Yet we do not often exemplify them. We do not often put these values into action. When you see something wrong in the world, how often do you take it upon yourself to change it? How often have you lied in order to come out ahead or took responsibility for your own mistakes?

You Can Create your own Vision Board of Values!

The above is a Picture of my Vision Board of Values!  I see it every day as it reminds me of what really motivates me and inspires in in life!  I found out what my Core Values were by doing an assessment through a software program that I designed called “The Abundance Coaching Values Game.”  In this program you narrow down a massive list of potential values down to what your Essential Core Values are in your life.  When you know what your values are you have more wisdom in life as you make decisions with clarity and focus.  Living with Values will lead to you finding more contentment, joy and happiness.  You can find out what your core values are too by going to my website at: .  You can also e-mail me at to get a free core values report to begin the process of finding out what your core values are.

Living a Life Guided by Values – Benefits to Your Mental Health

Part of living a life of abundance and contentment involves living your life according to basic human values. Straying from these values leads to complacency, regret, conflict and sadness. Every action you take – every decision you make – should be based on these core values.

Values give you direction. When you live a life of values, you live a life without regret, knowing that everything you have done in this world is designed to make it better. Values give purpose, and ensure that the path you take leads to complete fulfillment.

Take a Moment to Reflect on Your Past

  • How often have you lied or cheated to get what you wanted?
  • How often have you ignored responsibilities or avoided blame?
  • How often have you been passive aggressive, angry or spiteful?
  • How often have you manipulated a situation to your advantage?
  • How often have you tried to get out of doing hard work?
  • How often have you shown selfishness or a lack of empathy?

Now ask yourself: When you did any of those things, how often did you feel good about it afterwards? How many of those things contributed to your long term happiness?

Living a life of values is living a purpose driven life with a clear conscious. True, core values are far more likely to lead to a positive outcome, and will never cause you guilt or regret because you know each decision was based upon your true principles.

Finding Values to Change Your Life and Achieve Purpose

Living a life of values is the only true way to give yourself a healthy, positive direction in life. Negative thoughts and actions only serve to block our ability to find real happiness and abundance with the world. If you truly want to change your life, you need to experience of a life of living with values, and integrate the core principles of human beings into your thoughts and behaviors. Contact me today to discuss how to live a life with values and how to make the changes you can make to start living a life of true emotional health and contentment.

Live with Passion and Have Abundance in Life!

Scott Epp


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