Posted by: scottepp | December 26, 2012

Make 2013 your Best Year! 25% off Boxing Week Savings!

Make 2013 Your Best Year! 

 Are you committed to getting the results you need in 2013? So I was planning my week with my wife and we were all excited about Christmas! We planned our turkey dinner, wrapped our presents for our 2 little guys we planned what we would do with our family time this Christmas! It was awesome! I love Christmas, I love giving, I love the candle light service, family, unity, and all the spirit that goes along with the season! I hope your Christmas was just as amazing as ours!

But as I was planning for Christmas I started thinking about one thing… Next Year! Maybe you have had the same thought. I care about my clients a lot – and I care about people heaps. And one thing I know is that it is likely that your 2012 was not as productive, successful or fulfilling as you may have wanted it to be. Maybe you just know you need a transformation in 2013 in one or many areas of your life. It is with this in mind that I turned to my wife and told her “Why don’t we give people an incentive to make 2013 their most productive, successful and fulfilling year of their life! I told Nicole “I love a deal and I love Boxing Week shopping so why don’t we do something with our Coaching Packages?” So we Did! Just Click:

The most successful people in sport, business, finance and life have a coach? I will coach you and keep you accountable to your goals as you find passion, abundance and success in 2013! I’m offering you a 25% Savings on these packages because I want to help you achieve your dreams this next year – and you can! But you will be 1000 x more likely to accomplish them with the right strategy and a coach… Read More and Make your 2013 the Most Successful Year Ever!

Plus if you’re a first time client you get 1 extra bonus session on top of our already discounted packages! If you have read this far and know of a friend or family member that could really benefit from making 2013 their best year then please forward this message to them. If you feel compelled then buy your friend or Family member a package and invest their life! reply to this e-mail if you have questions. I love serving you! Live with Extravagant Passion my friend! Scott Epp

p.s. I will be on CTV Morning Live show to do an interview on Making New Years Commitments. I will be live at 7:15am on January 2nd 2013 on CTV Morning Live Saskatoon on the CTV Saskatoon Channel. I will give you a link to watch the replay of this interview early in the New Year if you miss it live.


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