About My Coach Training

My Coach Training Through The International Coach Academy

My passion is in helping people find their potential and worth and that is why I’ve decided to become a business and life coach.  My training is currently through The International Coach Academy (ICA)ICA specializes in training coaches with all the tools and skills necessary to be exceptional in their specific niche.  The specific niches that ICA offers training for are:  Life Coaching, Business Coaching, Executive Coaching, Career Coaching, Spiritual Coaching, Diversity Coaching, Parent & Youth Coaching , Grief Coaching, Wellness Coaching, Sales Coaching and Wealth Coaching.

The International Coach Academy is an accredited coach training provider with the International Coach Federation (ICF).  The ICF is the international, independent, professional body for coaches and sets rigorous, and internationally recognised, standards for both coaching and coach training.  I have received my credentials by taking a 2 year accredited coac training program through The International Coaching Academy.  I am qualified as a C.P.C. (Certified Professional Coach) Certification.  Go to the website www.icoachacademy.com if you are interested in reading more about this incredible institution. 

Have Abundance In Life!

Scott Epp



  1. Hey scott. wannetta told me to take a look at your website that it had a great section on the principles but i can’t find them??
    i sent a good friend of mine from sarasota florida to look at them too.
    can you help me?

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