About Scott Epp

Scott’s Personal and Educational Background

Scott Epp: Business and Life Coach

Scott grew up on a farm in Laird Saskatchewan, Canada (45 minutes north of Saskatoon) and is the oldest of 8 kids in the wonderful Epp family.  Scott is being educated through The International Coach Academy to become and accredited Business and Life Coach.  He has attended and has received certificates from colleges and institutions including The Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship Leader School, Horizon College and Seminary and Briercrest Bible College.  For the last 10 years he has been a business owner and a Information Technology Specialist in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and Toronto, Ontario.  Scott is married to the woman of his dreams and soul mate Nicole. Together they have a beautiful baby boy.

Scott’s Business and Leadership Background

As a member of Toast Masters International for the last 10 years Scott has competed at provincials and presented over 40 prepared speeches.  He has been a leader of a Young Adult Support Group for 2 years.  Scott is the coach of a competitive slow pitch team in the S.C.S.L and has led them to 2 championships in the last 8 years.  In over 10 years working in the Information Technology sector he has excelled as the top sales representative and has exceeded his company’s expectations.  He has managed a sales team and was a product specialist and account manager for some of Canada’s Largest Companies.  Scott is the president and founder of a successful business in Rental Property and Investment Real Estate.  Scott’s company has recently celebrated its 10th year anniversary.  Presently Scott is moving forward in his education to become an exceptional life and business coach.

Have Abundance in life!



  1. Nice to meet you Scott 🙂 I wish you prosperity in your practice & a ver pleasant journey. Your grateful attitude is a wonderful asset to keep your company 🙂

    See you around the halls of ICA/Lobii 🙂


  2. Long time no hear Scott. I have browsed through the site and must say it is interesting.

    Congrats on your marriage and the little one!!

    Drop me a line some time and we’ll catch up!

    • Hey thanks Jim,
      Being Married is a blast I must say! We love our life! It’s awesome having a new son too! Hey when you’re in Saskatoon sometime let me know and We’ll have to do a coffee. I often think of the Laird Boys including you. Have an awesome day Jim!

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